Osteoporosis Foundation
A Lifetime of Strong Bones
About Osteoporosis Foundation

Osteoporosis Foundation Inc. is a new non-profit Osteoporosis Foundation headquartered in Irvine, California in the Western United States. Irvine is a top city for living and safety, top city to do business in Orange County and the Tech Capital of Southern California.

Osteoporosis Foundation Vision
To promote and support strong bone health in children, teenagers, youth, and young adults, thereby preventing Osteoporosis in later life. 

Read a teenager's brave story as she fights Osteoporosis and overcomes it!  Not only is she an inspiration for all teenagers, her story also encourages every child, teenager, youth and young adult to eat healthy diet and exercise to build strong bones for a lifetime.
Osteoporosis Foundation Mission
To stop Osteoporosis by encouraging strong bone health in children, youth and young adults through raising awareness, promoting diet, lifestyle changes and exercise programs, defining and implementing prevention and treatment options, and fostering pro-active community participation. The expanded mission is to help find a cure for Osteoporosis in young adults under age 40.

Osteoporosis Foundation will advance and disseminate multimedia education to children, youth and young adults in schools and colleges, and at work.

Osteoporosis Foundation is committed to achieving the mission through worldwide programs of awareness, education and training, engagement, communication, advocacy and research. Osteoporosis Foundation asks for your support to realize the vision and achieve the mission objectives. Osteoporosis Foundation encourages individuals, foundations, health-care providers and insurers, media, parents, students and teachers, community groups, government sources and corporations to help achieve the bold mission.

Osteoporosis Foundation Goals

The following are the key goals of the Osteoporosis Foundation.  Osteoporosis Foundation will work with adults, parents, students, teachers, community organizations, health care providers and professionals, media and businesses to realize our goals.

Osteoporosis Foundation History

Osteoporosis Foundation is founded by Sanjay Dalal.  Dalal is the Chief Innovator of Creativity And Innovation Driving Business in Irvine, California.  Read Dalal's story and his fight against Osteoporosis here.